Not forgotten. With the Coronavirus continuing to occupying the media’s attention the plight of Australia’s wildlife during this year’s fires has been pushed slightly aside. Ecologists estimate that nearly half a billion animals have died as a result of the bushfires. In New South Wales, one of the most affected regions, an estimated 8,000 koalas, or a third of the total koala population in the area, have perished in the blaze. I’ve created this piece of work as a tribute to the Koalas of Australia. Strength, courage and bravery. The @wildlifewarriorsworldwide are doing an amazing job to help with rescue and conservation. I’m helping by donating all of the profits from the sale of the Kola piece, so why not take a look closer look.



Each piece tries to capture the personality and environment the animal lives in, from forests to deserts, and includes other native species found in their habitat. Spectacular in their own right, each animal portrait is fashioned and adorned with additional elements from the past and today’s society.


The headdress is a well-known symbol of strength, courage, bravery and respect in many cultures. This initial portrait collection of animals in nature from around the world celebrates those attributes especially as natural habitats around the world are under threat.

KOALA - Original

Frame colour
  • The original is created on art board at a size of 50cm x 50cm and supplied for display in deep box frames at 52.5cm x 52.5cm.


    The headresses are created from discarded/used magazines, books and other printed materials. All elements of the headress are cut out and sculpted by hand.


    Also available as limited edition (50) fine art prints signed and numbered by the artist. Limited edition signed prints 50 cm x 50 cm only. Larger and super size one off prints on canvas or board can be produced on request.