Creative Artist

My recent battle against cancer and subsequent recovery opened my eyes up to the wider world of art. Having been a graphic designer since the late 1970’s, I had become somewhat conditioned to create for a commercial outcome and had very little time to explore and find my own artistic style. I haven't given up on traditional medias I’m just combining them all together, exploring the possibilities of metals and printed material as my chosen main media. Almost all elements of my work come from re purposed materials and are cut out and sculpted by hand. 

The animal kingdom is under threat far more than ever before with the increase in population, industrialisation and meeting the needs of the human race. Animals cannot voice their concerns, views and campaign about what is wrong and what is right. They cannot fight so it’s up to us to do the fighting on their behalf. In my eyes each threatened animal is a warrior and should be seen as one, for if they could they would stand up and unite no matter how large or small.



Why headdresses?

The headdress is a well-known symbol of strength, courage, bravery and respect in many cultures. Worn by warriors from many nations in hundreds of different forms, styles and materials for centuries.


The portrait collection of animals in nature from around the world celebrates those attributes. Each piece tries to capture the personality and environment the animal lives in, from forests to deserts, and includes other native species found in their habitat. Spectacular in their own right, each animal portrait is fashioned and adorned with additional elements from the past and today’s society. By creating my animals with warrior headdresses I aim to highlight the plight that they face, promote conservation and aid in funding support.



My art is subjective and can be controversial in message and style but my art buyers and followers see the love, passion and deeper meaning behind the pieces.  


WILD ONES series

History and fiction is dotted with characters that appeal to me in the way that they have a certain look, a kind of spirit that captivates you. Wild and free, brilliantly minded, supremely talented and highly courageous. Each piece tries to capture the personality and character of the subject enhancing beauty, mystery and intrigue.

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