The originals are created from discarded/used magazines, books and other printed materials. All elements of the headress are cut out and sculpted by hand.


Limited edition (20) fine art prints signed and numbered by the artist. Limited edition signed prints 50cm x 70cm (image size). 


Larger and super size one off prints on canvas or board can be produced on request.


There may be a slight variation between artwork colours viewed on the website and the actual print colours which are faithful to the original work, however the colours are generally more intense in print than digital form.


In order to keep your print of the highest quality avoid excessive handling and frame your artwork under glass/perspex soon after delivery to protect the image surface from the environment. Also avoid hanging the work where it may be exposed to direct sunlight and sources of direct heat or damp.


Images shown on this site are for illustration purposes only.


Courage doesn't always roar - Limited edition print

  • How do you capture this difficult moment in the history of the United Kingdom? I’ve tried to capture it in the best way I know by creating this work of art. Titled ‘Courage doesn’t always roar’. Inspired by the NHS and all key workers this piece hopefully captures the thought that at this troubled time in the United Kingdom’s history the big and the small will help battle through together. With courage, bravery and strength to look forward to brighter times. Artist of the Year, Winning heat entry for Leamington Spa based fine art gallery Nova Fine Art, May 2020

    The headdress is a well-known symbol of strength, courage, bravery and respect in many cultures. This initial portrait collection of animals in nature from around the world celebrates those attributes especially as they and thier natural habitats around the world are under threat.